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Jeff Jeremy

Web Developer @ Slotsspot company

Best work ever

Work at Slotsspot Company - is the best decision I've made.

Hi! My name is Jeff and this is my blog on the web camp. I work for Slotsspot company, which specializes in expert reviews of online software developers' products from online gambling industry. At the company I work as a web developer and one of the gambling experts (almost at the same time I started studying programming and gambling industry).

I couldn't even imagine when Slotsspot web project was launched, that the project would become so socially demanded. Thanks to our web project, hundreds of thousands of visitors received useful information about online casinos or slot machines. 

But the most delightful thing is that our email box is constantly full of letters of appreciation and letters of request to evaluate a particular online casino, payment system or online casino developer. It's just unbelievable.

In my blog, I will share useful information from the online gambling industry. It will be useful for everyone - for gambling people and people who have never encountered the gambling business.

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